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tempoblue works in English , French and Spanish .
The language is set according to the language locale on your computer.
The main user interface of tempoblue .
tempoblue is an application that helps you keep track of how you are spending your time.

tempoblue lets you create a list of activities. When you start working on an activity, simply click on the activity name and tempoblue will start keeping track of the time you spend on that activity. The built in countdown timer helps if you want to spend a specific amount of time on one activity before moving to another.

Over the period of a week, tempoblue records all your activity selections along with their times. At the end of the week, or at any other time using the "Produce time files" button, tempoblue will create its time files. Two files are simply lists of your activities, and two are timesheet files - one a comma separated values (csv) timesheet, and the other an HTML timesheet.

tempoblue also lets you write a note. This is useful if you forget to select an activity at some point - you can write a note to remind yourself to manually enter the forgotten activity into your timesheet. Or you could use a note to add detail to a particular activity selection.

The rationale behind tempoblue is that time recording is never an exact science. Invariably you will end up spending time working on something that doesn’t have a formal booking code or which is unexpected, or simply forget to record the start of a new activity. tempoblue is designed to give you the best chance of getting as close to the truth as possible, but then lets you do whatever you need to do to arrive at your formal time keeping record.

To find out more about tempoblue have a look at the manual. tempoblue is free to use for individuals and companies employing five people or less. Bigger organisations must buy a licence entitlement, but costs are very reasonable. More information on how to buy a licence entitlement. To start downloading tempoblue click here.