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buy tempoblue licences
tempoblue is free to use for individuals and organisations with five employees or less. Other organisations wishing to use tempoblue, or original equipment manufacturers who want to install the software as part of a standard operating environment, must buy a licence entitlement.

Buying a licence entitlement allows your organisation to use the software for a year. Entitlements must be renewed every year. We think this is the best business model for everybody - your organisation does not have to pay a great deal of money up front, you get access to all the latest releases, and if you find the software is not suiting your needs, you simply don't pay any more and un-install it from your computers. You only pay when your organisation is getting value from the software.

Organisations with more than five employees can use tempoblue for free for three months from the first download while they are evaluating the software.

Licences typically cost one Australian dollar per user per year - it's a bargain!

To buy a licence entitlement, please gather together the following information about your organisation:
  1. The registered name of your organisation.
  2. The business number of your organisation.
  3. The address(es) of the location(s) where tempoblue will be used.
  4. The name of the person who will act as the point of contact for matters relating to this licence.
  5. That person's title and e-mail address.
  6. The number of employees who will be using the software.
Please send the above information in an e-mail to:
This information will be retained by bigcoolblue solely for purposes of arranging your licence entitlement, and advising you from time to time of tempoblue updates. It will never be passed to any other organisations.

Many thanks - we trust you to give us the correct information, and value your business.

Note: We can only answer e-mails in English at this time, and can't give any support guarantees.

You can get to the download page here.