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tempoblue download - Java
From this page, using the link below, you can download tempoblue in the form of a .jar file - a Java ARchive file. A .jar file will run like an executable file, so long as you have a Java runtime environment installed on your computer - most computers do have Java installed. If you download tempoblue and for some reason it doesn't work, go to Java home and download Java.

tempoblue download instructions
  1. Create a directory in which to store the .jar file. The simplest thing to do is to create a directory called "tempoblue" in the place where your other executable programs are stored. For example, on Windows PCs this would be in the "Program Files" directory.
  2. Use the link below to access the tempoblue .jar file. Follow the prompts and save the file in the directory you created in step 1.
  3. Create a shortcut icon so that tempoblue is easy to start. Again, on Windows systems this is as simple as right clicking on the .jar file, creating a shortcut, and then dragging that shortcut to the desktop or a menu bar.
Tip: If you put the shortcut in the "Startup" menu directory, then tempoblue will open every time you start your computer. If you're serious about recording what you do, that is probably a good idea.
Download tempoblue [380 KB]