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Mark I released 1st June 2010
The STANDARD 24 is an analogue 24 hour clock. It is a traditional expression of your computer's time. It has hour, minute and second hands presented in cyan. Numerals and tick marks are in white on a black background. The time displayed by the clock is taken directly from the time on your computer. Placing your cursor in the hand hub and clicking will bring up the information panel.
The STANDARD 24 Mark I
STANDARD 24 Mark I High Noon
Mark I High Noon released 15th June 2010
The 24 hour clock creates a dilema. Most of the time people are used to dealing with 12 hour clocks, where midday is at the top - in the "12 o'clock" position - and naturally 12 is the largest number on the dial. With a 24 hour clock, if the largest number, 24, is put at the top of the dial, then that space has to be associated with midnight, and midday is relegated to the bottom of the dial - an unnatural place for most people. The Mark I High Noon addresses this problem by putting the 12 at the top, and the 24 at the bottom. Day time is in the top half of the clock, and night time in the bottom.
The STANDARD 24 Mark I High Noon
Read the licence and download the clock for free.