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METRIC 20 Mark I
Mark I released 1st July 2010
The METRIC 20 challenges us to think again about one of the most pervasive frameworks that govern our lives – time. METRIC 20 is an analogue clock that divides a day into twenty periods of time rather than twenty four, giving us a decimal model of time – hours become crons, and minutes become centicrons. It has hands presented in gold. Numerals and tick marks are in white on a black background. The time displayed by the clock is taken directly from the time on your computer. Placing your cursor in the hand hub and clicking will bring up the information panel.
The METRIC 20 Mark I
The existing time framework represents a paradigm that helps us to organise our lives so that we can work, rest and play. But at the same time, is this framework now holding us back? As we move forward, the METRIC 20 challenges us to consider whether we need to re-think the time framework to make the future a better place. Would a “lunch-cron” be better than a “lunch-hour”. Would working four eight-cron days out of seven be better than five eight-hours days? A cron is one hour, twelve minutes. A centicron is 0.72 of a minute or just over 43 seconds. And a decimal clock allows you to express time with a decimal point that is genuinely meaningful.
METRIC 20 Mark I High Noon
Mark I High Noon released 15th July 2010
As with the STANDARD 24 , chronoblue has released a High Noon isotope of the METRIC 20. This version puts the middle of the day at the top of the clock and "midnight" at the bottom. Day time is in the top half of the clock, and night time in the bottom. This change makes reading the clock a little more comfortable - but you still have to deal with the metric format.
The METRIC 20 Mark I High Noon
Read the licence and download the clock for free.