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Mark I released 1st November 2010
The COUNTDOWN S24 is simple countdown timer. It has three button controls: Start/Stop for starting and stopping the countdown, Set for setting the initial countdown time, and Reset for resetting the hands back to zero. Numerals and tick marks are in white on a black background, with the exception of the number 24. This is in cyan and echoes the STANDARD 24 on which this timer is based. The timing mechanism is taken directly from your computer. Placing your cursor in the hand hub and clicking will bring up the information panel.
The COUNTDOWN S24 has three basic controls:
  • Set,
  • Start/Stop,
  • Reset.
Clicking on the Set button will open another user interface, one that lets you set the countdown time. This interface is shown below.
The time setting interface for the COUNTDOWN S24 Mark I
The interface has two arcs - the one on the left labelled hours, and the one on the right labelled minutes. Running along these arcs are sliding balls. By clicking and dragging your mouse cursor on these balls, so you can set the countdown time in hours and minutes. The picture below shows the interface with a set time.
The time setting interface for the COUNTDOWN S24 Mark I with a time set.
Once the time is set, clicking on the Set button in this interface (the button highlighted) will set the time in the COUNTDOWN S24 as shown below. But this will happen only if the timer is in a stopped state.
The COUNTDOWN S24 Mark I with a time set.
Clicking on Start will start the countdown. The hands will begin to move and the "time to go" will be displayed in digital form on the face. The timer is said to be running. Clicking on Stop button will stop the timer. The hands will stop moving and the digital time display will freeze. The timer can be started again, and the "time to go" will continue from the time the timer was last stopped.

The Reset function only works when the timer is not running. Clicking the Reset button will make all the hands wind back to their starting position.

The TIMER 24 uses a Java Swing timer. The smallest unit of time that can be measured by the TIMER S24 is determined by the rate at which the Swing timer is able to run on your computer.

If you want to be able to see the timer countdown a significant period of time, then turn off your screen saver and power saving settings.

Read the licence and download the clock for free.