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Claw Chronometre
Released 26th January 2016
The Claw Chronometre is an artefact from the future. It is the time piece from The Claw, the fighting ship of the notorious space pirate Orlando Jax . The Claw Chronometre has been the accomplice and witness to many of Jax' most daring and outrageous adventures as he plunders the space lanes for riches. You can read the full story of Orlando Jax at
The Claw Chronometre uses bigcoolblue's "high noon" concept to display the time in a traditional way but for two time frameworks. One is the "Old Earth" model of 24 hours in a day, 365 days of the year, leap years aside. The second is the "Standard" model used across the spaceships in Orlando Jax' Universe. This is based on crons but is effectively 20 hours in a standard day, and 200 days in a standard year.
The face carries two smaller dials. One indicates the current watch aboard The Claw: Port, Starboard and Dogger. A full watch cycle gradually drifts across a standard day so that each watch operates in LightTime and DarkTime on a regular basis. The LightTime and DarkTime dial indicates when the ships lights are dimmed to give some sense of a normal planetary day.
The one part of the Chronometre that isn't much use outside of The Claw is the Dilation indicator. As The Claw is a faster than light ship, this is used to show how time is being affected in the ship's accelerations as it prepares to make the transition to hyperspace. On the Earth-bound Chronometre the Dilation indicator shows time moving faster in the mornings and slower in the afternoons which is generally how it appears to most people. The Diamond Spinners of Tabanac are the highly skilled and secretive builders of The Claw.
The The Claw Chronometre
The Claw Chronometre can be moved around your desktop by simply pressing down your mouse key and dragging the clock to the position you want. There is a little control panel that lets you hide the clock itself, show the clock information panel and exit the application.
The Controls and Information panels for the Claw Chronometre
The Claw Chronometre requires that you have Java version 1.6 or later installed on your computer.
Read the licence and download the clock for free.